Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Community Children’s Centre?
A Community Children’s Centre is a not for profit child care Centre which is managed by a Parent Committee. A group of parents from the Centre volunteer their time to making major decisions in relation to the Centre through discussions. The benefits are that we have the children’s best interest at heart when making these decisions rather than a profit line. There is a Director who manages the day to day running of the Centre. The Committee consists of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Staff Representative, the Director and several other members. If you would like to become involved in the Committee please contact Simone, the Director at the Centre.
Q: I am thinking about using child care. What should I do?
Please call the Centre and book a centre tour or fill out an enquiry form and our Director will give you a call back. The Director will give you an information pack and you will meet some of the friendly educators.
Q: What is the benefit of Child Care?
The benefits of child care are that your child is provided with an early childhood education program based on your child’s needs and interests. Child care provides opportunities for your child to develop social and self help skills before starting school. Child care allows your child to interact with other children at your child’s age level. We provide a range of experiences for your child throughout the day including messy sensory activities through to quiet relaxing activities.
Q: How much does Child Care cost?
Before using child care please register with Centrelink for Child Care Subsidy through your myGov account. If you would like to know more about child care costs please contact us.
Q: What do I bring to Child Care?
Please bring a named bag with a spare change of clothes, comforters (teddies, dummies or blankets etc..), nappies, bottles and a water bottle. We provide all food your child will need throughout the day except for breakfast.
Q: How do I know what my child is doing throughout the day?
Educators will talk to you when you pick up your child about your child’s day. We also have a ‘What we did today’ sheet displayed in every room. Each child also has a folder with art work and photos in it which you can take home and share with your family members.
Q: How can my child celebrate their birthday with their Child Care friends?
Due to allergies we ask that parents do not supply us with a cake however a cake can be purchased from the Centre for $10 and is arranged in the shape of your child’s age. Educators take photos of the event and your child blows out a candle. The children and educators will sing happy birthday to your child.
Q: What if my employer asks me to work an extra day once in a while or I need care in an emergency?
Just ring the Centre and if we have vacancies will we book your child in. There is a surcharge on casual days on top of your regular fees which is $1 for half day session, $1.50 for a 8am to 4pm day and $2 for a full day.
Q: What happens if my child is absent from care?
Please ring the Centre and let us know your child will be absent. You will be charged for the day unless you have given us 2 weeks notice. You are entitled to 2 weeks discount at 50% of your child care fees per financial year if 2 weeks notice is provided. Centrelink permits 42 allowable absences per year before stopping any benefits and rebates.
Q: What about playing outside?
We encourage children to explore their outside environment however in times of extreme heat we will play outside early in the morning and later in the evening. The Centre is a SunSmart Centre and children will wear hats, sunscreen and t-shirt outside. If the weather is raining we have plenty of undercover verandah space for the children to still enjoy the outdoors.
Q: What happens if my child is sick?
If your child becomes injured whilst in care, educators will contact you and provide your child with first aid treatment until an ambulance arrives. If your child is suffering from an illness educators will call you or if you are unavailable they will call your nominated emergency numbers. If you child is ill at home with a contagious condition, vomiting, diarrhoea or temperature above 38C please keep them at home as per our Centre’s policies.
Q: My child has allergies, what do I do?
Please notify us of any allergies and keep in regular touch with educators regarding any changes to your child’s allergies. We are able to provide meals unless the allergy is extensive or complex and then we may ask for recipes or brand of foods that we can purchase. If your child has an action plan please provide a copy to the Centre, we can also provide action plans to be complete by your doctor.

If there are any questions you might have that aren’t answered here, please contact us on 08 8381 3699 or here.

Updated 6th March 2017